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Reality Is Just Badly Written Fiction

6 November 1986
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"In quantum reality there are millions of possible worlds, unactualised, potential, perhaps bearing in on us, but only reachable by wormholes we can never find. If we do find one, we don't come back.
Those other worlds events may track our own, but the ending will be different. Sometimes we need a different ending.
I can't take my body through space and time, but I can send my mind, and use the stories, written and unwritten, to tumble me out in a place not yet existing - my future."

(Jeanette Winterson: The Powerbook)

Much loved:
The Vampire Diaries, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lost, Criminal Minds, X-Men (movies), Primeval, Robin Hood, Spooks, Queer as Folk, House MD, RENT, The Boat that Rocked, Being Julia, The Hours, Sirens, The Fixer, Coupling, Krod Mandoon

Currently watching or on the list:
The L Word, Fringe, Legend of the Seeker, Boardwalk Empire, Hawaii Five-O

What you should know about me:
1) I ship everything that moves.
2) I will write absolutely anything at least once given the right incentive. (Not restricted to the above list)
3) I usually ship characters no one else does.

I run the following communities: vd_land, tvd_rareships, cutler_beckett
You can also find me on LJ as sunsets_dinos