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Reality Is Just Badly Written Fiction
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19th-Feb-2017 02:22 am - 10 year anniversary!
community hug
So I haven't posted here in about 4 years because I've mostly been writing with my two best friends things that haven't made it on the internet, but I just realised that exactly 10 years ago in February I started writing and posting fanfiction and I feel like that merits a post.

So if anyone is still hanging around and accidentally still has me on their friends page: thank you all for a wonderful decade! And here's for another one - which will hopefully see me get involved in fandoms again, because I do miss the sense of community I experienced in certain places. (I am looking at you primeval_denial, those were some of my best years!)

Millions of hugs to all!
24th-Nov-2013 01:41 am(no subject)
So I decided to once again attempt an advent calendar of fics this December. So if there's anything any of you'd want me to wite, I'd be more than happy to add it to the list. I want to have as big a variety as only possible.

My fic masterlists give you an idea of what fandoms I definitely write, but there's more that I just never came around to write/post (RUSH!!, Marvel movies, etc.), so if in doubt, just ask. :)
6th-Jun-2013 10:46 pm(no subject)
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I SHOULD have stopped watching Once Upon a Time when I had the chance. Back in season 1 when one of the only two characters I liked at the time was killed (bye Graham, still miss you wolf boy). I didn't even LIKE it all that much.

But now there are all these beautiful tortured men with daddy issues walking around on this stupid show and I have feels for daddy issues dammit.  So now my mind got infected with this THING that involves:

- Neal stealing things, August conning ppl, Killian killing ppl on demand, and Jefferson being batshit crazy and they all share a house or sth and it's not funny even if you're laughing now
- August/Neal bromance - with a lot of inconvenient crushing on August's part
- Neal and Killian being BFFs
- Killian owning a caravan he lives in bc awwww
- August having only a few years to live (and they all know it)
- oh and I'm fairly certain Graham would wound up in it eventually, possibly in a plotline involving nudity and ropes...


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1. Avril Lavigne: Innocence

Nip/Tuck vid here (Natasha/Christian)

2. The Jane Austen Argument: NorthSouthEastWest

Lip Service (Frankie/Cat)

 photo withoutyou_zps3c493220.jpg

3. Ellie Goulding: This love will be your downfall

Torchwood fic here (Jack/Ianto)

4. Tori Amos: Dragon

Lost Girl (Bo/Lauren)
 photo lostgirl-bo-lauren_zps932a33bd.png

5. A Perfect Circle: Counting bodies like sheep

The Walking Dead

 photo countingbodies_zpse0eb48e9.jpg
5th-Feb-2013 04:57 pm - Fics moved
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Dear Flist,

just a small announcement. From now on this journal is purely for random thoughts and rants, all my fiction has been moved to wilting_hearts. Any new fic will be posted to that community instead of here, so if you are interested, that's the comm to watch. :) There are also new, fully updated Masterlists of all my fics on that site, which I'm rather proud of. So have fun browsing. 
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Chapter 6 is posted. Please note that this is the last time I'm posting about the chapter being up in thi sunsetdawn20 journal. So if you are interested please watc interactive_fic. (I will continue to post i tvd_rareships an tvd_fic though)

Here you can read the full description of how this works. And don't forget to vote in the poll after you've read the chapter. Remember, you can have a say in where this fic is going.

title: through the window you reach for the cold
characters: Kol, Damon, Lexi
rating: PG-13
word count: 1.000
summary: Damon and Kol bump into each other again.
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Sorry, people, no new chapter tonight. I had a PhD exam today and my head is splitting in two, can't think and I don't want to mess up this next chapter. It will be posted Saturday instead. 

For now have dysfunctional family drabble. :)

"We are born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society." - Judith Martin. (Rating: PG)
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Chapter 5 of my interactive fic series is now posted.

Here you can read the full description of how this works. And don't forget to vote in the poll after you've read the chapter. Remember, you can have a say in where this fic is going.

title: anything but silence, anything you say
characters/pairings: Kol/Mason, Jenna
rating: NC-17
word count: 860
series summary: This is a non!vampire AU in which Kol is a disgustingly rich playboy with a dysfunctional family and Damon is an escort.
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title: you said, where is all your money
characters/pairings: Kol/Sarah (remember her?)
rating: R
word count: 680
summary: First flashback scene that gives a little background on what escorts have to do with anything.

A/N: Remember the next flashback chapter is going to be posted next Sunday. Requests/questions/suggestions can be posted in the Trivia Box.
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